Universal Battery Usb Charger With Lcd Indicator Screen

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Universal Battery Usb Charger With Lcd Indicator Screen. FEATURES: LCD Status Display: With Intelligent LCD Status Display, So That the Process of Charging More Accurate and Clear. Fast Charging: Recharging and Discharging is Controlled by Micro Computer Chip, with High Speed and Efficiency, and Automatic Shut-down Sanction when Recharging is Completed, It is Safe and Reliable. Application: The Size and Weight of It Are Suitable for Carrying Around, Suitable for the Recharging of Li-ion Batteries with the Capacity of and Below 1000mAh. Intelligent Inside Circuitry: With the Intelligent Inside Circuitry, It Can Automatic Transform the Charger Output Polarity to Suitable for the Battery Anode and Cathode.

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