Oven heat insulation and anti-scald gloves

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Soft and breathable: Oven gloves are made of 100% cotton and linen, which is very breathable. Glove oven gloves are moderately thick, breathable and suitable for summer. The size is 16x27cm, and most people can use it.Anti-slip: The surface of the oven glove is made of high-density and tightly stitched cotton and linen fabric, and it is stitched with cross pattern, which has high friction.Durable: This pair of oven gloves is not easy to drop wires, hard to be pierced by sharp objects, and thick and durable. High-quality inner lining, diamond-shaped lining sewing, not easy to fall off, fine workmanship, smooth stitching, durable, long service life, and wear-resistant.Lanyard: There is a lanyard inside the glove oven glove. After cleaning, the oven gloves can be easily hung and dried. It is easy to clean if the oven gloves become dirty during use.Heat resistance: The inner layer of the oven glove is thicker, so it has heat insulation and can effectively prevent burns during use. These glove oven mitts are fully suitable for household use and are essential tools for baking and cooking.

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