Bottle Pour Spout Stopper Bung Olive Oil

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Bottle Pourer for Cooking Oils, Spirits, Wine, Drinks and other Liquids Make pouring olive oil on salads, pouring shots and measures for drinks mixes easier with this simple to fit pouring spout. Simply plug the top of the bottle with the pour spout and the rubber bung will fit securely allowing you to pour with more accuracy. Features PLUG AND PLAY POURING; To use, simply gently push the spout, rubber bung first, into a bottle opening to get controlled speed pouring and drizzling. CREATES AN AIR TIGHT SEAL; The spout has a bung, with flexible rubber ridges, that fits into most bottle openings. SMOOTH POURING; There is a built in breather tube to help you to achieve that professional smooth pour Great for olive oil and salad dressing bottles in the kitchen BOTTLE POURER FOR SPIRITS; for spirit bottles in the bar BUILT TO LAST; The spout is made from non-rust stainless steel ready for you to use over and over again EASY CLEAN; When the time comes to clean your pourer, gently remove it from the bottle and hand wash with warm soapy water

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